Absolute X

Absolute X is a Singapore-based boutique architectural and interior design consultancy specialising in spatial creation and value design engineering


Absolute X transforms your spatial needs into design reality. We believe in working closely with the client and the construction team to realise the dream space in a cost efficient method. We work by understanding the requirements, converting them into design, analysing and refining the design details and finally managing it into reality.

Good design does not mean using luxurious materials. Good design is understanding the needs and requirements of the space. Good design is utilising and maximising the potential of available resources to create best possible and unique spaces to fulfill the needs of people.

Design is not a luxury. Design is everywhere.


Absolute X provides the full scale of services:


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We value understanding of the needs. We will have extensive discussion with the client to dissect and prioritise the needs according to available resources. This set up the Brief.

Design will begin based on the Brief. Regular Design Review will be carried out with the client to generate feedback. 2D / 3D / VR information will be utilized to assist in the visualisation.

Detailed Design is carried out together with Cost analysis (with assistance of associate consultants or by early involvement of contractor) to ensure good design outcome and budget allocation.

Full Tender process will be carried out to ensure the best interest of the client. Standard form of contract (from Singapore Institute of Architects) is recommended.

We also recommended full Project Management and Contract Administration in accordance to the standard form of contract for the benefit of all contracting parties.

We believe with the right processes, the best design outcome is achievable and realizable.