A&A Semi-D Residential


Completed in 2019 (design in collaboration with TYJ)

The house was expanded on the side to maximise the potential of the house without going higher to maintain the scale of the house within the estate. The house need not be an eye-sore and can be sympathetic to the surrounding. The addition also blends in with the existing house as one.

With the expanded area, an open plan living cum dinning on 1st storey was created and an expanded family area on 2nd storey was mooted as study and work-from-home space for every member of the family. A generous verandah yard work space also resulted from the expansion at the back of 1st storey.

Openings were generously provided to encourage natural ventilation and natural daylighting with the increased in the depth of the house. Shading devices and landscape are then used to provide good protection of glare and heat from the west.

The house is refreshed.